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Tiger Trail

On the Trail of Tigers – near Taman Negara

The Malayan tiger subspecies still calls the rainforests of West Malaysia home – but for how long? Poaching and habitat destruction has devastated their populations. This project combines rainforest focused team building activities with a focus on tiger conservation.

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Working with MYCAT, we are seeking to reverse negative human interactions, and build programmes that rebuild and protect the rainforest which tigers are dependent upon. Our Tiger Trail programme consists of three key elements: Jungle trekking and camera trapping; discouraging illegal poaching through our presence, and; building links with local communities to provide sustainable revenue, and to learn from their unparalleled knowledge of the local area.

This is coupled with awesome outdoor activities – including rock climbing, caving, cave tubing, kayaking and camping out in the rainforest under the stars.

.Download our Brochure here – Team Building with a Cause – Tiger Conservation

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