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Rainforest Awakening

Our Rainforest Awakening project is based near Ipoh, where we work from Bukit Kinding resort, a special place with a unique ambience nestled in the rainforests on the outskirts of Ipoh. We own and operate the longest flying fox in Malaysia, and are fully equipped for zorbing, paint-balling, mountain biking, and numerous water based activities on the resort’s private lake.

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We offer jungle trekking with highly experienced local guides, with the optional mission of climbing to the peak of Mount Korbu – the second highest in Malaysia. The surrounding areas of rainforest are scientifically unexplored, and we set up camera traps in order to take a census of wildlife living here.

Fuze-Ecoteer Community Centre

We are extremely lucky to work with local Orang-Asli communities in incredible settings. We have our own community centre, from which we run educational facilities for local people, with high-quality residential facilities to sleep 15 people.

We work with the Orang-Asli, who share authentic experiences so we can learn more about their way of life and heritage. We are taught how to use locally handmade blow-pipes, catch fish using traditional traps, and are then invited into the homes of local people for a meal – Orang-Asli style. We work with the community, and our presence brings important revenue to the village.


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