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International Baccalaureate

For schools in Malaysia providing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, we have a number of meaningful opportunities to enable students to undertake genuine service work for the CAS component of the IB Diploma.

We have many opportunities here in Kuala Lumpur for service work suitable for school students; primarily through our Yellow House community development project based in Ampang. This means we can uniquely provide opportunities for students to undertake meaningful and engaging service work, right here in Kuala Lumpur.

Activities at the Yellow House include (but are not limited to):

  • Providing basic education for transit refugee children from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Myanmar, teaching at the Hilla community centre. We focus on morning sessions teaching English, geography and Science and in the afternoons we often arrange sports and other extracurricular activities for the kids – bringing education and enrichment into their lives.
  • Every Saturday we help prepare and cook up to 300 meals and then distribute them to the Orang Asli living around Pulau Carey. 
  • Every Sunday we host a hairdresser for the homeless.  We have up to 50 regular people who come to have their hair washed or even cut.  The interaction is amazing, as these people often don’t get the chance to be pampered!
  • Other projects as developed/ requested.

We can arrange individual volunteers from your school, or day or weekend trips where groups of students contribute to various projects.

All of our projects in Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka contain genuine service components relevant to fulfilling requirements of CAS. In the past, students from IB schools have volunteered in the Perhentian Islands as part of the CAS component of the International Baccalaureate.

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