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Crystal Yap talks about her experience at the Perhentian Community & Conservation Project

What do you make of life on the island? how have you found your time here?

Well when I first came here I was so shocked, because when I got dropped off at the Jetty there were two locals who just helped me carry my luggage to the house. I was so impressed. I feel like this is a big community. Every one loves each other and this is like a big family and thats what i love about this community its just so amazing.

What has been your favourite experience since you have been here?

My favourite is, well i have two. First is the jungle trekking with Raymond and Jordan, we went for a jungle trek and this time it felt different from other treks i have done before. We passed by a few beaches and went for a swim, on the way we saw some beautiful trees. And as this is conservation project we were able to identify the trees in the jungle. Raymond also showed us evidence of the monkeys being here. It was a great experience.

The second one was the Malay dinner, its so different from the way i live in the city. Where i live people close their doors and they are not as generous as this community. They cook really good food. At the dinner every one was just talking to each other, you know we were not on our phones we were communicating I love that so much. That doesn’t happen where I come from. Whenever you eat out at a restaurant, the first thing people do is look for a WiFi connection so this is refreshing to see. Perfect, this place is just amazing.

Why did you pick this project?

I am on a summer holiday at the moment and I am going to spend two months here in Malaysia, but I don’t want to just waste these two months. So I looked for some community projects to do, I went through the internet and found Fuze Ecoteer is pretty well recommended. I read a lot of reviews and its very well rated. I emailed one of the past volunteers named Sophie and we talked a little bit about this project and she highly recommended it.

If you could sum up your experience in one word what would you say?

Eye opening . 13487583_250263322009547_1408012458_n

I remember we went for a beach clean up with some of the local kids. I think about this when I go to bed. In the city I guarantee you the city kids would never do that even if they get paid they wouldn’t do it. They would say , ‘what are you doing going for a beach clean up?’ they are so selfish because they think its not there responsibility to do it. But here in this village look at the kids they are more than willing to help. They are like, ‘hey lets go for a beach clean up’ they are very passionate. They feel responsible too. Its so eye opening. All the experiences i have had here is like a life time experience. I will never forget about it. The interns make me feel like this is my home on the first day they were so welcoming, I don’t feel like I am a visitor I feel like I am at home in only a week. Imagine if i’m here for a month! i would feel like this is my permanent home haha.

I would really recommend this project to any one who wants to make a difference and do community service. I have really learnt a lot of things here.