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Fuze Ecoteer stems from individuals with a passion for the environment. We are academically qualified marine conservationists and highly experienced rainforest experts. We have a speciality in developing community-based conservation projects which genuinely seek to better local communities, whilst giving us an opportunity to learn about local heritage, skills and knowledge. We have a number of conservation programmes, and like to work with local organisations which share goals where possible. 

Read below to learn about our conservation and community activities. We see a direct link between the success of our community activities with long-term sustainability of our conservation activities.


Conservation Activities

  • Tourist focused Public Awareness Programme
  • Monitoring sea turtle beach
  • Deterring poachers
  • Protecting sea turtle eggs for the Fishery Department
  • Teaching responsible eco-friendly snorkelling/ swimming
  • Collect data on coral health for international Coral Watch programme
  • Beach cleans

Community Activities

  • Community Centre
  • Three kids clubs – Teaching English; Arts and Crafts, and Responsible Snorkelling
  • Bring revenue through Malay dinners and using range of restaurants and vendors
  • House painting
  • Painting of their school and library
  • Set up recycling programme, money raised goes to villagers
  • We collect used vegetable oil from local resorts, and produce our own bio-fuel for local villagers. This also finds a use for oil otherwise dumped into the sea.


Based near Ipoh, at Bukit Kinding Resort, we have developed a number of conservation initiatives. Most of our work here is for the local Orang Asli community.

Conservation Activities

  • Rainforest infrared camera trapping to take a census of animal population and species
  • Data sent to a range of NGOs to build their data.
  • Poachers patrol
  • Educational jungle trekking
  • Destroying any illegal snares/ animal traps found.

Community Activities

  • Our own Community Centre in the local Orang Asli village
  • We will have Computers and Library coming soon
  • Educational activities, including teaching English with the hope of training local people to be paid guides
  • Bringing sustainable revenue through purchasing traditional crafts, joining families for Malay Dinners and paying local guides.


Based in the Sungai Yu Tiger Corridor, linking Taman Negara and the main Tittiwangsa Range of rainforest, we patrol a large area of rainforest. This work deters poachers, dearment of illegal traps and snares, and document poachers camps and activities.

Conservation Activities

  • Poacher Patrols
  • Destroying illegal traps and snares
  • Reporting above data to government, including location of poacher encampments
  • Trekking in areas off traditional routes to cover as much area as possible.
  • Work with University of Science, Malaysia to expand research in the area.

Community Activities

  • A community-based conservation project with the local Batek community, and this project is in its early developments – making this a very exciting stage!
  • Teaching English in their school, to help Batek become guides
  • Purchasing traditional craft, whilst bringing in visitors who respect their way of life
  • We pay for local Batek guides
  • Bring custom to a range of local community vendors


This is a project ran by our partners at a Wildlife Rescue Centre in Java, Indonesia.

Conservation activities

  • Directly caring for over 200 animals, including 7 orangutans, a sun bear, gibbons, macaques, crocodiles, clouded leopards and rare eagles.
  • Taking in wildlife ceased from illegal animal traffickers and traders, and illegal pet trade.
  • Educational programmes at the Centre

Community Activities

  • 88% of staff from local villages
  • Teaching English to primary school students
  • Bringing revenue through Javan dinners with the local community
  • Teaching English to local staff, upon request to enable them to better communicate with volunteers from around the world.


This is a project ran by our partners in Sri Lanka. 

Domesticated elephants in Sri Lanka live a life of human servitude, usually through tourism, or the logging sector. Our elephants are saved from human servitude, and are free to roam a 2500 square meter enclosure.

Conservation Activities

  • Directly caring for elephants – currently there are two, Washtu and Sujee
  • Feeding, washing, cleaning out and loving the elephants at the sanctuary
  • Saving animals otherwise destined for logging or tourist industries.

Community Activities

  • Currently in development, previously have worked with local schools, a home for the disabled. Teaching English and providing educational experiences with elephants.