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Go Green: plant a tree!

* A few words from Bernard, green activist in Malaysia who focuses on inspiring young Malaysians to love their environment through tree planting *

* Why should we plant trees?IMG-20160513-WA0005
Trees could cold down our planet, trees are essential for the balance of flora and fauna, provide oxygen, balance the carbon in the atmosphere and most important trees act like a sponge to absorb the water or reduce flash flood.

* How are you using tree planting to inspire the younger generation to care for their planet more?
Tree planting is an experiential learning, it could increase learning experience compared to boring classroom teaching. Young people now are busy with internet of things and focus too much on classroom learning. The most essential learning is learning from the work and tree planting is one of the best platform as a precursor for other environmental based actions

* What is the hardest thing about inspiring people?
The hardest thing is that young people now are not ready. Reasoning is simple, in general young generation now has different priority, they are more interested to focus on internet based activities and seldom do something out of their comfort zone. For example, if that individual is not ready, they might just be hearing, not listening. So it is just another lecture for the students.

* Can you give 7 and a half tips on how to inspire more people to go green?
I met and mentored many young people and my advice to all: just do it. Do something what you love the most and never give up. There is so much of opportunity in the green journey, more people are concerned about climate change because the weather pattern has impacted their life now. For example, haze issue in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, massive flash flood in Kuala Lumpur etc.

* Can you give us everyday folk 4 simple ways to live a greener life?
Changing to greener life always start from ourselves, never get influence by the negativity you receive from the public and never crave for other people to follow your footstep, by changing our lifestyle, the inner quality will be ignite from inside, and automatically this quality will inspire the others.

  • Green lifestyle should be the way of life, it can be a smallest action like recycling the plastic packaging you used to throw, or taking a container for “tapao” your food, change always start from little action first.
  • Change always start from home, if you able to educate your family members and they are making positive action for the mother nature, you have probably receive the best blessing by your continuous inspiration.
  • Never give up. I have seen many case scenarios that people struggle with monetary sustainability and in the end they decided to give up. There are many opportunity out there for us to explore, we need more eco entrepreneur to turn serious problem into positive green solution, the return is more than monetary reward.