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Going on a Family Eco Holiday to explore Nature and Local Communities

*An interview with Patricia Lee, mom and conservationist*


You joined one of our eco holidays with your young family. Can you tell us more about that experience and how your children felt about it?

We joined a Fuze Ecoteer tailor-made family tour, covering Ipoh, Perhentian and Pahang in April 2015 for the duration of about 10 days. The whole experience was incredibly great, for both adults and children.  We love particularly the location (accommodation), the activities IMG_2014 WM smalloffered, and especially the group of wonderful people taking care of us.

The kids love especially the days in Perhentian, where they are able to see the real life of the locals, communicate with them, and enjoy some fun time together. We preferred mostly the days staying at the village, where life is simple, people are friendly, children are curious, and food is just great!

We were honoured to be given the chance to contribute to the society there, like teaching the kids, helping the stalls for signboards, etc.

The snorkelling tour was excellent. From there, we learned so much more about wildlife, conservation, and that we can contribute to the nature.

In Pahang, we managed to explore another cave, and go through the path in the nature.  Walking around in the fruits plantation and seeing all the different kind of fruit trees had been very educative, especially for the kids. They don’t get to get so many chance to see nature and real things nowadays. Being able to collect materials there and turn them into delicious food has been a great fun too!!

What makes a great family holiday?IMG_2206 WM small

  1. A lot of educational activities
  2. Programmes which create family ties/bonding
  3. More ‘realistic’ accommodation, where people will understand the locals more. In short, not too luxury.
  4. Lots of cool people in the team to communicate with the tourist, and being able to ‘entertain’ them in the local style of living, like in Perhentian.

Do you have any secret gem family retreat locations?

  1. Chamang Waterfall (Bentong)
  2. Many locations in Sarawak

Do you have any words to parents thinking about joining an experiential/voluntourism holiday with their family but are still not quite sure?

  1. Be prepared…expect the unexpected, which usually turns out the positive way… not negative.
  2. Kids will never have a problem wherever they go…mum & dad are the ones who had to adopt to it.
  3. Set your mind to basic, and appreciate the experience which you gain.
  4. Enjoy & help to preserve what the nature can offer.
  5. Do it before it’s too late. Your children might not be able to see the beauty of nature in the future.