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    Team Building in Paradise

    We offer the ultimate team building packages - including on the Perhentian Islands and deep into the oldest rainforest on earth!

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    Wildlife Conservation

    We are truly dedicated to conservation of some of the most endangered species in Asia.

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    School field trips across Asia

    Projects in Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka focused on sea turtles, tigers, orangutans and elephants!

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    Fostering Creativity in your Students

    Our highly interactive and inventive school fieldtrips are all about experiential learning through doing, whilst having fun!

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    Independent Conservation Programmes

    Our conservation programmes are targeting some of our most beautiful and endangered species in Malaysia and across SE Asia.

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    Get in touch!

    Drop us an email, give us a call - challenge us to develop a programme for you, whatever your needs!

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Team Building

Fuze-Ecoteer offers awesome team building activities which concurrently do good for local communities and the environment!

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School Expeditions

We offer diverse and challenging group expeditions and have a range of volunteering opportunities across South East Asia!

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Our programmes are truly dedicated to conserving endangered animals and enhancing the environment for future generations.

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Client Testimonials

The Perhentian trip remains unforgettable to me, it was both refreshing and educational, enjoyable and meaningful. I especially treasure the arrangement to mingle with children of the island during the trip, in particularly the chance to snorkel with them. During the process, I got to be in the environment that shaped the kids into children of the sea, to feel what they feel and to think how they think, instead of just a tourist, an outsider. YIP YOKE TENG Journalist, The Star

The sweet chirping of multitudes of birds singing their glorious music, filling the air with the melodious song of mother earth uplifted me and calmed my nervousness about the hike ahead. GERALD ARUL Volunteer - July 2013

Getting to know my colleagues better through sharing rooms, groaning through early hours of turtle watching duties, sharing meals and funny moments like showering in public toilets created a genuine bond which is priceless! Experiencing kampung life and appreciating the simpler way of life, and lastly overcoming a personal hurdle by doing the jetty jump was totally satisfying! CHIN SEOW PING General Manager - Advertising & Business Development – The Star

The feeling of being on top of the world became very real to me, and the magnificent view of smaller mountains almost made me feel like a god, overseeing the world. NIGEL ARUL, Volunteer - July 2013

Fuze-Ecoteer - Team Building | School Expeditions | Conservation

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